Yeti Rambler with custom logo

Yeti Rambler 30 digital proof, custom logo
Yeti Rambler 30 digital proof, custom logo.
Yeti Rambler personalized with custom logo.
Yeti Rambler personalized with printed custom logo.

The Yeti images above use one professionally shot Rambler and one shot with an iphone. Due to the product material, it’s very difficult to show how the logo looks.  The proof is used to demonstrate position and fit, however, the marking color may vary from PMS specification to better present it.

Can you personalize Yeti ramblers with a logo?  Yes, we can do this.

How are they customized? Is it engraved, screened?
It’s not a traditional screen print. We use a laser marking process. Medical, aerospace, telecommunications, electronics and industrial firms  use laser marking where permanent marking is required, such as for serialized parts.

What colors can I print? Specify PMS colors for all art and we’ll try to match. It’s not possible to match every color, but we can usually get close.

Can I use multiple colors?  We’ll need to review art. Complex artwork will incur special set up charges.

Where can you personalize?  Currently we’re limited to the upper portion.

Are there size limitations? We recommend no larger than 3.25 inches by 1 inch (as shown horizontally).

Can I print on 2 sides?  Yes, for an additional fee. For example, a company logo on one side and a product logo or slogan on the other side. Or event sponsor logo and event logo.

What type of file is needed?  Vector art.  A transparent logo is required.

10 thoughts on “Yeti Rambler with custom logo”

  1. we are asi and have a customer looking for 300 with their one color logo on them. could I get a price on the rambler 20 oz?

    1. Yeti prices are the same regardless of quantity, whether 24 or 300. Their prices are strictly controlled; they do not offer ASI prices, nor quantity discounts.

    1. We do not sell blanks. A Rambler with one color, one location logo is $39.95 delivered, subject to review of logo; increments of 24 units. Vector art and PMS color needed to start your project.

  2. Is the $39.95 price for the 30 oz Rambler? Do you have tumblers in stock now ? If ordered this week, could we receive by 1st week of December ?
    Richard Walters

    1. Ramblers always run out this time of year and we are not guaranteeing any delivery for the holidays. Currently out of stock with new stock arriving end of next month.

      There is a really good alternative. Check out the Corksicle tumblers here
      These are also hugely popular- just like Yeti, inventory availability fluctuates constantly. We’re accepting orders now for week one December delivery. Benefits vs Yeti are:
      – cool colors
      – spillproof lid
      – a wee bit less money
      – inventory available for holiday orders

  3. Can I please order 50 of these to be delivered by December 14th or sooner? I will need my company logo on them. 20 oz. Please advise with reply and cost.

    Thank you kindly

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